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Renting a forklift is a great way get your short or long-term projects done. We’ve created an easy-to-use forklift rental guide that will help you in determining the best size forklift or a gas, LP or electric forklift for your application. Our forklift experts answer many of your questions in selecting the right lift truck for the job.

Capacity/Forklift Truck Size truck In order to get the right size forklift truck, make sure you know the weight of what you are picking up. Once the weight is established, we will make sure you get the right forklift. Also, be aware of the dimensions and height of the product to get the proper fork attachment length. Remember, a load longer than 48″ will reduce the capacity. Contact us today! We’ll help you size up the right forklift for your application.

Lifting Height
Measure how high the forklift needs to lift (measure in inches, then add 6 inches). Lift trucks are a reliable way to move product onto a racking system, truck or other storage areas. Remember that some forklifts might not fit through standard doors or entryways. To be certain, measure doorways (width and height), aisles and any overhead obstructions. Also, remember that the forklift will need room to turn around (possibly in an aisle). Your application might require a 3-wheel sit-down forklift or a narrow aisle forklift truck. Knowing this information will ensure that the truck can do its job.

Cushion Tire Forklift/Pneumatic Tire Forklift
Now there’s only one question left. What is the terrain that the forklift truck needs to travel over? Concrete, blacktop, gravel, grass, or even dirt. Indoor applications on hard surfaces can always use cushion tires (cushion tires are smaller and made of a hard rubber compound, cushion tire units are also usually more compact and maneuverable). Outdoor or applications on softer terrain demand pneumatic tires. (Pneumatic tires are larger and have deeper traction grooves allowing travel over wet, rougher conditions).

Delivery of Your Forklift Rental

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