Hyster Material Handling

As a leading material handling equipment provider for Sacramento, California, Papé Material Handling knows what it takes to keep you moving. Our extensive inventory encompasses new and used Hyster forklifts, used Yale forklifts, Genie telehandlers, Trackmobile railcar movers, and more. With 24 locations nationwide, our family-owned business specializes in delivering the strongest sale, rental, and repair services in the region. We provide the technical expertise to help you find everything from material handling equipment for rent or for sale to warehousing solutions.

Papé Material Handling provides superior rental solutions on Hyster & used Yale products in Sacramento to help you get the job done. Aerial scissors lifts, electric forklifts, generators, and more are there for you when you need them. Customers in Sacramento, California and the greater area choose Papé thanks to our range of brands and makes: Whether you need a Genie aerial or a Hyster forklift, we’ve got it.

When your equipment requires repairs, you can count on Papé Material Handling for the technical expertise needed to get you up and running. Our technicians are fully trained and licensed to work with everything from Genie aerials to Hyster forklifts in need of repair in Sacramento.

Customers in Sacramento, California can rest easy knowing that they have one of the nation’s top 10 material handling dealers in their neighborhood. Visit our location at 2410 Grand Avenue to get the material handling equipment rental, retail, and repair services you need. Papé Material Handling is proud to provide the expert service and unparalleled inventory needed to keep you moving.

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