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Wallace LGV C / HGV Class 2 Auto Training Vehicle

Get your licence in 4 Easy Steps

For more help call us during office hours - 020 8453 3440

QUICK START PACKAGE - Medical, PROVISIONAL HGV/LGV and Multiple Choice & Hazard Perception Theory Test STUDY MATERIAL. For price and details, click here to read more...

Training is available across London and around M25, including:

Our DAF Vehicles are specially selected:

-Truck of the Year Award Winning LF55
-Well positioned and easy to use controls
-Smooth riding, ow noise & pollution levels, good visibility
-8.25 metres long for easy manoeuvrability
-Exhaust brake, anti-lock brakes
-Electrically adjustable heated mirrors, air suspended cloth seats, electric windows and air conditioning
-Reversing camera to make it easy to reverse.

Learn quickly and easily - Pass FIRST TIME!

With our new, modern AUTOMATIC GEAR BOX Training Vehicles.

1 to 1 Training - just you & your instructor in the training vehicle from any of our 15 Wallace Training Locations

Want to upgrade to C+E/Class 1 to drive trucks with trailers?

Arrange later or choose Back-to-Back training - it's easier and cheaper to 'upgrade' soon after passing LGV C when the test pattern of training and test standard is still fresh in your mind.

For drawbar and articulated training, click on above blue Class 1 / C+E tab.

What is the difference between HGV and LGV?

HGV means Heavy Goods Vehicle and LGV means Large Goods Vehicle. It's the same licence just a different name.

LGV C+E = HGV Class 1 - up to 44 tonnes
LGV C = HGV Class 2 - up to 32 tonnes
LGV C1 = over 3.5 up to 7.5 tonne (C1+E with trailer)

No need to pass LGV C1 first, go straight to LGV C

Wallace - HGV Class 1 / LGV C+E - Drawbar Training VehicleIf you passed after January 1997, and you're over 18, you don't have to take the smallest licence LGV C1 first. Go straight to LGV C (HGV Class 2) and take Back-to-Back Training after passing C take LGV C+E /HGV Class 1.

Can I use an Automatic Truck?

Wallace NEW HGV/LGV Automatic Training Vehicles are available at 15 training locations across London & around M25. Find out why autos are so much easier here. From April 2014 the law changed so manual car drivers who pass using an automatic gear box truck get full Manual HGV/LGV Licence.

We also have Manual Transmission Vehicles, available at selected locations.

Will passing on Auto affect my job prospects?

Many operators use Automatic vehicles on their fleet, because they are very fuel efficient.

However, so you can get the feel of a manual lorry, we provide a FREE 1 hour Taster Session, which you can boost to a longer Driver Development Lesson if prefered, after passing on our Auto, see Step 3 for details.

- No more theory tests to upgrade from C to C+E
- 4 hours training per day
- 1 to 1 training - just you, your instructor and the training vehicle
- Choice of Length of Course and Pass Protection Package
- On day of test, 2 hours warm-up session and use of vehicle for local test
- Training available from 6am onwards and evening & weekends by arrangement
- No Waiting for Tests, our DVSA Booking Facility means Tests immediately after training
- Your examiner will allow you to use either an Articulated Vehicle or a Drawbar Combination Vehicle to get your full C+E / Class 1 licence

Wallace New DAF CF arriving April 2017Wallace Drawbar Combination Vehicles

Our Automatic Drawbar vehicles are available at all our training locations and our Manual Drawbar Vehicles at selected locations.

Progress quickly from C to C+E needing only a few hours using a size of vehicle that you're familiar with but this time with a trailer attached.

If you passed your LGV C (HGV2) training with WALLACE call us to ask about your RETURNING CUSTOMER DISCOUNT

Click here to learn why drawbars are easier drive and reverse

With our new, modern AUTOMATIC GEARBOX VEHICLES you can learn to drive quickly and easily – and pass FIRST TIME!

And because you have a manual gearbox car licence when you PASS USING OUR AUTOMATIC DRAWBAR VEHICLES YOU WILL BE LICENCED TO DRIVE MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC LORRIES. Click to see why Auto's are easier


1 to 1 Training - just you and your instructor in the vehicle - 4 hours each day

4 day Auto LGV Course - 3 days training and test on 4th day
Ideal for experienced 'C' holders or recently passed 'C' drivers who've retained the test pattern of driving
£816.67 +VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1095

5 day Auto LGV Course - 4 days training and test on 5th day
Ideal for inexperienced LGV C drivers or those who passed 'C' a while ago.
£1016.67+VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1335

  • After passing your Wallace Auto Drawbar Course and Wallace Driver CPC, take a few hours Development Practice, and
  • Get the feel of driving our Articulated Vehicle
  • FREE 1 hour Taster Session for Wallace Course customers and why not BOOST YOUR FREE 1 HOUR SESSION and GET 4 HOURS FOR ONLY £210 inc VAT
  • It's cheaper to get C+E by drawbar - Pass your test without worrying about driving a complicated vehicle to test standard, and then have a practice session using the Articulated vehicle.

Wallace Articulated Training Vehicle

We take delivery of our brand new DAF CF automatic articulated truck

At our Acton/Wembley training centre

Pictured here is our current 38 tonne DAF XF, 16 gear range/splitter box and tri-axle 13.6 meter trailer, which will be replaced when our NEW DAF CF arrives from the manufacturer in April

Get your Class 1 / C+E licence with either an Articulated Vehicle or one of our easy Automatic gear box Draw-bar Vehicles.

And after passing on the easy draw-bar take a Familiarisation Development Practice Training Session with the Articulated Vehicle to gain confidence to work with any C+E vehicle.


5 day Course - 4 days training and test on 5th day
Ideal for very experienced 'C' holders
Normal Price: £1166.67+VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1515

SPECIAL MARCH DISCOUNT RATES (for April 2017 bookings)
£1066.67+VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1395

6 day Course - 5 days training and test on 6th day
Ideal for lapsed experienced 'C' drivers, returning to industry
Normal Price: £1400+VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1795

SPECIAL MARCH DISCOUNT RATES (for April 2017 bookings)
£1300+VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £1675

7 day Course - 6 days training and test on 7th day
Ideal for newly qualified and in-experienced 'C' drivers
Normal Price £1633.34+VAT plus DVSA test fee (weekday) £115 = Total £2075

SPECIAL MARCH DISCOUNT RATES (for April 2017 bookings)

Driver Qualification Card C1 - Over 3.5 tonnes up to 7.5 tonnes C1 - 3.5 tonne to 7.5 tonne Wallace C1 Training Vehicle

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