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This is a sad case that involved a forklift driver trying to unload a pallet of metal coils that had been improperly stacked in a tractor trailer. The forklift driver told an employee of the warehouse to come and hold up the 1500 pounds of metal coils that were stacked improperly. The forklift driver wanted to get some leverage, but using one human being was not the proper method to do this. Unfortunately, as soon as the employee pulled the coils back they dropped down on the him and crushed him underneath.

Fortunately, the employee survived but he became an incomplete paraplegic. This is someone who can still stand up and take a few steps but they feel pain all the time. David Azizi had a claim against the company that loaded the truck and the company that transported the truck. The client was limited under the exclusive workers compensation recovery only to have worker’s comp against the employer. As far as all the others in the chain of command, they were responsible and David Azizi was able to recover $6.1 million for the client. This was one of the cases that made Mr. Azizi very well known as a reputable Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. Over the course of time he has worked diligently to help clients recover the compensation they deserve.

*Please understand the compensation for any personal injury will vary depending on each case. It is best to contact the Law Offices of David Azizi to get more specific details as it relates to an on the job injury or any type of personal injury. For more on this type of injury utilize our Los Angeles On the Job Accident Lawyer page.

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