Toyota Forklift attachments

PositionerUndeniably, forks are one of the most popular attachments for a forklift. However, they are not always the right attachment for every application. Some loads require an attachment other than forks. If forks are the choice attachment, there are additional attachments that help those forks do the job better, such as side shifters or fork positioners.

Selecting and using the right attachment for your application results in higher productivity, less damage to the load, less stress on the forklift, and added convenience for the forklift operator. So, what attachments are the most popular?

Side Shifters

are one of the most popular attachments. The side shifter operates in conjunction with the forks. They allow the operator to shift the forks to the left and right without leaving their seat. The operator can reposition the forks to the left or right to pick up a load that might not be perfectly aligned with the forklift. This saves wear and tear on the forklift. Side shifters are available in both single and double units, which allow the operator to handle one or two pallets at the same time.

ClampsFork Positioners

allow the forklift operator to automatically adjust the distance between the forks quickly to fit different pallet sizes without leaving their seat.

Paper Roll Clamps

allow the operator to clamp onto the sides of a roll of paper without damaging or crushing the product. These clamps can be used in a variety of applications. Clamps are the attachment of choice when a load is not transportable by pallet.

Flat Surface Clamps

are also available and are most commonly used in the appliance industry to transport washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.


have forks attached to a rotating apron that can turn between 180 degrees and 360 degrees. These attachments are most often used where bins or containers are stored and transported. The contents are carried in the bin and dumped into another container.

Multiple Load Handlers

are used to double or triple the forklift productivity level by adding a second or third pair of forks to the truck. Operators can pick up more than one load at a time and transport them side by side. These attachments are often found in beverage and food handling warehouses.

RotatorPush / Pull

eliminate the need for pallets. Loads are on cardboard or plastic slip sheets that have a lip on them. The load is pushed off the forks by this attachment. Eliminating pallets reduces costs. These attachments are most popular in food-processing warehouses.

Carpet Pole are heavy duty coils used to transport large rolls of carpeting.

Benefits of Forklift Attachments:

  • Forklift attachments can result in higher productivity and less operator stress
  • Attachments can save time and money if used correctly
  • Increased productivity by allowing the operator to make adjustments without leaving their seats
  • Depending on application, safety can be enhanced by using proper attachments.*

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*All Toyota forklifts are designed with safety in mind, and safety is a standard feature. The standard features on our forklifts ensure the product can be safely operated in all appropriate work environments when operated by a certified forklift operator and surrounded by those who are trained on proper behavior around forklifts. We do not put mirrors, lights, alarms, etc. as standard on our products because research shows that some applications will actually be made less safe if those devices are used. Instead, we rely upon our customers, who have the best understanding of the operating environment, to determine if additional accessories or attachments would benefit them.

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