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enclosures / cabinetsProvide an enclosed environment for your networking equipment Secure your rackmount equipment, routers, CPUs & more Free up floor space & provide network security & accessibility Provide power to your network components, directly in the rack Grommets, routing blanks, lacer bars & much more Screws, cage nuts, grounding equipment & rack mount lights Organize your network peripherals & securely maximize your space Give racks a clean look, increase rigidity, & facilitate airflow Cool air & redirect heat with fans, rear doors, AC units & more Rack/wall enclosures, outdoor cabinets & splice trays for fiber Control multiple PCs or server systems from a single console

security lockboxesRacks vs. Enclosures

So, what's the difference between a server rack and an enclosure? Techinically, all enclosures contain racks, but not all racks have enclosures. A server rack is simply the framework upon which network equipment is mounted. Enclosures are racks fitted with side panels and front and rear doors. To "enclose" them, if you will. So which is better? It depends on your needs.

Advantages of Open Racks

Advantages of Enclosures

Open racks are more affordable, provide easier access to equipment for maintenance, and are easier to keep cool. If you choose an open rack, be sure to keep your server room secure to prevent possible intrusion and vandalism.

wall mount racks and ceiling boxes

On the other hand, the advantage of the network enclosure is security. Virtually all modern floor, wall, and ceiling enclosures feature keyed entry, locking out unauthorized personnel to prevent tampering. Side panels and doors are constructed of heavy cold rolled steel to prevent impact damage. For heat sensitive or otherwise critical equipment, we offer thermal enclosures.

Mounting Options

But what about your mounting options? Floor mounting will bring the highest level of efficiency when it comes to installing servers and other pieces of network equipment. Because of very high load capacities, floor enclosures will generally be able to handle anything you need to install up to its space capacity. Wall enclosures are often used to isolate certain groups of related equipment for more convenient access. Wall mounting is also a great solution for preventing auxiliary equipment from taking up too much precious real estate in your floor enclosure.

Floor Enclosure

Wall Mount Enclosure

Uses Outside the Server Room

Installing servers and network equipment is certainly not the "end-all be-all" of rack mounting. The 19" model is also used for mobile music equipment setups, home theaters, and test equipment, among other uses. We offer all types of rack mounting solutions, so please browse our full selection to find the most fitting product for your application.

rackmount power strips rack cable management rack shelves rack panels for network

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