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Kalmar Trucks

You should be able to push your forklift hard, shift after shift, without
experiencing any technical problems. It’s as simple as that, at least in theory. In practice, only Kalmar delivers.

Ruggedness alone is not sufficient though. You also need high operational performance and useful features
to work efficiently in the plant. The DCG50-90 delivers the technological excellence required to meet the demands of even the most skilled operators.

A Kalmar forklift delivers, on average, 10 percent higher productivity than our
previous model DCF50-90. The difference between finishing eleven instead of ten lifts in the same time may seem small. But looking over the year – or over the forklift’s lifetime – it translates into a lot of money. Just like the 15 percent
less fuel consumption, which you will enjoy by operating the forklift in Kalmar’s proprietary Eco mode.

Tailored for your production

Like any other part of your production system, your forklifts need to be customized to your operations. And
there are many aspects to consider in order for them to perform optimally. Kalmar is globally renowned for its
highly tailored forklifts. The DCG50-90 is no exception. Like its fellow Kalmar G generation machines, it comes
with many customizable features.

Industry-specific adaptations

Given our forklifts’ excellent adjustability, it’s no surprise our customers are found in such diverse industries as
paper and pulp, wood, steel, concrete, offshore – just to name a few.

Wide range of attachments

The forklift can be equipped with any lifting equipment your business may require including pipe clamps,
multiple-pallet handlers, coilrams or special tools.

Three different performance settings

The driver can optimize the forklift’s operational performance depending on the actual need for e.g. low
fuel consumption or high power output. All from the comfort of the popular EGO cabin – and by simply

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