Pallet Lifter, 3 Ton HMC016

Pallet Lifter

Overhead Crane Hook Lifting AttachmentsAmong the many lifting devices designed by Bushman Equipment, Inc., pallet lifters and crane attachments are two of the most versatile below-the-hook tools for loading, unloading, and transporting materials of various kinds and sizes. Pallet lifters are crane hoist attachments that maximize the efficiency of overhead material handling systems. They are especially helpful in areas that have narrow storage aisles or are inaccessible with fork lift trucks.

Pallet Lifters for Cranes

Bushman Equipment, Inc. crane lifting attachments for pallets hang level when empty and when properly loaded. They feature high strength steel forks and welded steel construction that provide maximum strength, low unit weight and years of reliable service. All Bushman Equipment, Inc. pallet lifters meet or exceed the requirements of the ASME B30.20 and ASME Below-the-Hook Standards.

Overhead Crane Hook Lifting AttachmentsCrane Attachments Available Options

  • Crane lifting attachments with low headroom designs
  • Crane attachments with hand wheel or motorized fork adjustments
  • Crane lifting attachments with multiple fork units for unique load configurations
  • Crane attachment designs which function as a combination pallet lifter and coil handling device
Overhead Crane Hook Lifting AttachmentsSingle Member Pallet Lifters for Use with Overhead Cranes

The Bushman® standard Model 900 crane pallet lifters has a single vertical member and stationary or fixed forks.

The Model 900 fixed fork pallet lifter utilizes stationary forks to handle palletized loads of various configurations.

Non-standard Pallet Lifters

Bushman Equipment, Inc. builds all non-standard pallet lifters and all lifters with capacities over 4, 000 pounds with a double vertical member. These double member pallet lifters have stationary forks to handle palletized loads of various configurations.

The Bushman® standard Model 900 crane pallet lifters have a single vertical member.

Adjustable Fork Pallet Lifters

Model 901 Pallet Lifter

Bushman® Model 901 adjustable fork pallet lifters can handle pallets of various sizes and configurations by telescoping or sliding the forks to the desired position.

Model H-901 Pallet Lifter

The model H-901 pallet lifter is adjustable. It permits the operator to move the forks with a hand wheel, hand crank or motor. This ergonomic feature of Bushman Equipment, Inc.'s material handling equipment improves operator efficiency and safety.

Overhead Crane Hook Lifting Attachments Overhead Crane Hook Lifting Attachments Overhead Crane Hook Lifting Attachments Double member pallet lifters work well in facilities with narrow aisles.

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