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Forklift Training Dublin Ireland


ISM Training Services provide accredited Forklift Training for both private individuals and companies’ employees in Dublin, Ireland.

Counter Balance, Reach, Power Pallet & Pivot Steer (Bendi) Fork-Lift Truck specialists.

Our new purpose built Forklift Training Centre is the best Training Centre in Dublin, fully equipped with brand-new Counter Balance, Reach Forklift Trucks, Power Pallet Trucks and now we are exclusively providing Pivot Steer (Bendi) Articulated Fork-Trucks. All ISM Forklift and Warehouse Training is accredited and approved by the RTITB, IIPMM, FÁS, and RSA. Also, all ISM Forklift Trainers are fully qualified and registered by the RTITB and IIPMM.

Operating a Forklift is a specialised skill. Many accidents are caused by untrained drivers unaware of the Forklift’s capabilities and limitations. Participants having completed an ISM Training Course will have the knowledge and technical skills to operate a Forklift in a safe and competent manner as prescribed in Health and Safety Legislatio.


ISM Training Service’s Mobile Elevated Platform 1 Day training course is designed for new and experienced Mobile Elevating work Platforms (M.E.W.P) operators, who wish to gain certification or update their previous skills and renew their certification. The cost is €275.00 including certification and licence.

LEGISLATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES: The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 places a duty on every employer to ensure so far as reasonably practicable the safety, health and welfare at work of all his employees which includes provision of the appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? All individual who operate or intend to work on Scissor Lift, Self Propelled Boom, Cherry Pickers or Vehicle Mounted Platforms.


Our dedicated Forklift Training Warehouse is Ireland’s largest and best Training Facility with a variety of new Forklifts permanently based on-site. Our brand-new Centre is also equipped with a canteen and numerous training rooms. It is conveniently located just off Exit 5 of the M50 (Finglas Exit), in Dublin.


provide Approved and Accredited Forklift Training in our Training Centre in Co.Dublin:

  • Counter Balance Trucks
  • Reach Trucks
  • Power Pallet Trucks
  • Pivot Steer (Bendi),
  • Moffett Truck Forklift
  • Teleporters
  • M.E.W.P. (Manual Elevated Working Platform)
  • RTITB Instructor Training Courses
  • Manual Handling
  • Work Place Health & Safety
  • Hazardous Chemical Training (ADR)


Our trainees benefit from the best instructor to pupil/truck training ratios. ISM Forklift trainees have unique opportunities to train on high-bay racking of over 6 meters. All ISM Forklift Truck trainee drivers are trained to the highest possible standard and are provided with the most widely recognized accreditation – the RTITB certificate and licence. We also can tailor courses to suit customer's needs.

ISM trainees that comply with Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005 / 2007

  • Prevent Accidents
  • Reduces damage to goods
  • Improves work productivity
  • Improves driver skills and techniques

What our Customers Say about forklift training

The Forklift Instructors on site were more than helpful. They gave me top quality training and helped me understand the laws and hazards of working with forklifts. - Gary Hogan

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