Harlow ram-raiders use JCB to

Harlow Essex equipment list

Students in grades 5 through 9 indicate the sports they would like to play during fall, winter, and spring terms. Click below for descriptions of Athletic Programs and Equipment Lists: In addition to sports specific equipment, students should bring appropriate athletic footwear and practice clothing to school every day.

Practice clothing includes:

  • T-shirt
  • athletic shorts
  • socks
  • sweat pants or athletic pants
  • sweatshirt or long sleeve athletic top

The equipment room in Harlow Gym has mouth guards, soccer socks, athletic supporters, knee pads, and various other items for sale.

Independent Sports Policy
Please click here to read the Independent Sports Policy. A request form must be completed and submitted to the Director of Athletics with information about the sports program. Please click here to complete the form or contact Rob Feingold, Director of Athletics, for more information at rfeingold@fayschool.org

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