Industrial Forklift Battery

Walk Behind Electric Forklift

Electric Warehouse Pallet Mover is fitted with an ergonomic tiller arm for total operator control while reducing driver strain. Excellent maneuverability in tight spaces is possible with short powerhead. It allows total control for the operator, thanks to fork tip visibility. The equipment is fitted with sit-on and ride-on machines which will help with loading and unloading over long distances and also for use in long distances. The movers are perfect for shuttle movements over a distance of 20 meters. The highly reliable truck has an electronic brain which makes it perfect for different applications. Provides excellent traction and ramp performance. Fitted with robust and tapered fork tips. The welded fork construction enables smooth pallet entry and durability. Low-energy consumption, regenerative braking, built-in diagnostics, quick access to all components help reduce downtime and increase availability.

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