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"Like Water for Octane" is the fourth episode of the first season of .

While searching for a water-powered car, the Gunmen encounter missile silos, rude government clerks, and... cows.

Jimmy Bond delivers a somewhat inaccurate voice over of historical events with his main point being the rise of

Frohike 1967 Langly 1982 Byers 1974

heroes. Then a glimpse of other heroes, the Lone Gunmen, as far younger men appears.

In Sterling, Virginia, a 1974 John Fitzgerald Byers tells his classmates he is going to be a career bureaucrat when he grows up, spreading democracy.

In Saltville, Nebraska, a 1982 Richard “Ringo” Langly grumpily explains to his father that he hasn’t milked the cows because he is busy with his computer, a technology which will one day change the world and make him ludicrously wealthy.

While in Pontiac, Michigan, a 1967 Melvin Frohike leaps on the back of the captain of the football team demanding he admit the Cutlass 442 is faster than the Belvedere GTX. He is reminded by this meathead that he will always be a shrimp but Frohike claims that doesn’t matter since he will be a crusading publisher like Hugh Hefner.

Bond explains these three men, in the present day, will get to change the world.

Byers shows up at the Freedom of Information Office and encounters the abrasive clerk who wonders why Byers even bothers making requests. Byers shows him a letter showing one of his requests has gone through and he is there to pick it up. He gives Byers a large heavy file box.

FrohikeLanglyByersWhenYoungFrohike passive aggressively demonstrates the use of the paper shredder to Jimmy Bond, as Langly plugs away on his medieval empire building game, showing him that coffee filters don’t go through the machine. An excited Byers arrives with the heavy box and quickly deflates when they open it and find a cinder block. Bond notices there is one document that was stuck in the box though. Heavily redacted, it has only a few bits of information on it: Someone’s initials (J.T.), a pallet number, and the mention of a prominent scientist, Stan Mizer.

Langly is coronated King Langly to the eye-rolling of Frohike. Frohike tells Jimmy to shred the document until he hears the name Stan Mizer and then he charges over, sliding to the electrical strip and unplugging the shredder and Langly’s computer.

Scanning the shreds of the document.

They scan the shreds of the document and as they wait for a computer program to rebuild the document from the pieces, the Lone Gunmen recount who Stan Mizer was to Jimmy Bond. Mizer was a legendary scientist who created a car that ran on water instead of gasoline. It is of particular importance to Frohike who actually rode in the car that Mizer made. A 1959 Studebaker Lark. Mizer died in the 1970s and the car disappeared long before that since the genius scientist was most likely threatened by the oil companies. The document reveals a pallet number for where the car might be and has the initials J.T. on the form as someone who signed for the pallet. Frohike is intensely set on finding the car.

ScanningShreds“It’s amazing, to think that our entire world’s economy is based on them, you know?”
“As in the last one hundred million years their remains have been geologically transformed into crude oil. I suppose that’s true.”
“Actually, when I say dinosaurs I’m referring to the oil companies. As in, though huge and lumbering, we have sharp teeth.”

They go to the door and knock. As the mailman approaches, Frohike gets paranoid he is an assassin and bursts

Paranoid Frohike, calm Byers, frightened Shelley Mizer

in with Byers the second that Shelley Mizer opens the door. As the mailman delivers a few bills through the mail slot, Byers tells Frohike to calm down. Mizer immediately figures out who Frohike is and starts to call the police. They manage to convince her to call that off after showing her the document.

Back at the offices of the Lone Gunmen, Langly is clueless as to where the pallet mentioned on the document could be located, despite an extensive search of various government databases. However, he and Jimmy figure out that the document was a plant in the box given its lack of a stamp of the Freedom of Information offices.

At the FoI offices, Yves Adele Harlow seduces the clerk for information on the car, but just outside, the

Yves Adele Harlow and the FoI clerk.

representative of the oil companies waits for her to leave. He goes and asks the troublesome man for any information the clerk told the woman. The man is his usual unhelpful self as a dark smile forms on the face of the oil companies’ minion.

Dead FoI clerk, stuck in the stamping machine.

Shortly there after, Langly and Bond find the clerk when they go to confront him. His tie still stuck in the stamping machine and his lifeless eyes staring off nowhere.

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