Hand Operated Forklift

**Escalera Models-MS**MS-1-66 Motorized StairCat
(shown with optional RLS-1 & 3 straps)

Escalera ® Stair Climber stair climbing handtrucks are constructed of a tough tempered aluminum alloy, making the handtrucks stronger than magnesium, but lighter than steel. All Escalera Stair Climber handtrucks are 24 inches wide and range in size from 60 inches to 72 inches tall. Every Escalera Stair Climber ships with the sealed gel-cell battery, automatic battery charger, and one automatic rewind safety strap included. There are two capacities of Escalera Stair Climber.

The 700 lb. capacity units are available in sizes ranging from 60 to 72 inches tall.
MODELS: MS-60, MS-66, MS-72

The 1200 lb. capacity units are available at 66 or 72 inches tall.
MODELS: MS-1-66, MS-172

Printable Flyer for Escalera
StairCat® Stair Climbing Hand Trucks
and Stair Climbing Forklifts (1.2 MB)

Escalera Stair Climbing Forklifts have side frames made from the same tough tempered aluminum alloy as the Escalera Stair Climber. In addition they have steel lift frames, with 28 inch long forks, for raising loads up to 54 inches - high enough to load or unload a semi truck! All Escalera Forklifts have a 1200 pound maximum capacity. Escalera Stair Climbing Forklifts are available in several different models:

  • MLA-HC Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with hand operated winch for raising and lowering the forks.
  • MLA-EW Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with battery operated winch for raising and lowering the forks.
  • RLA-HC Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with hand operated winch and Removable Lift Attachment.
  • RLA-EW Powered Stair Climbing Forklift with battery operated winch and Removable Lift Attachment.
  • QLA-EW Non-powered stairglider with battery operated fork winch
  • QLA-HC Non-powered stairglider with hand operated fork winch.

*Every Escalera hand truck ships with one RW-1 auto-rewinding safety strap. Powered stair climbing hand trucks also include a sealed gel-cell battery and automatic battery charger.

(shown with 2 straps)

*MLA units have StairClimber

*QLA units have NO stairclimber - only stair glides to protect the step. They do no lifting. You still need Bruno and Moose to help you do the lifting.

1200 lb. capacity
StairCat® Gear Box Assembly Parts List - 730KB

*Forklifts are available with either a battery operated fork winch (EW), or a hand operated fork winch (HC)

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