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Global warming and the environment continue to be a major cause of concern for the global population. As such, companies world-wide are developing new ways of conducting business with less impact on the environment.

Globally corporate social responsibility (CSR) awareness continues to grow.

The materials handling industry is and will continue to play a defining role as businesses try to have the least amount of negative impact on the environment whilst still being able to maximise return on investment.

Materials handling equipment play an integral part of every process in a supply chain. This is particularly true for Australia. Due to our geographical location and our import/export orientated economy goods are constantly being shipped and receipted world-wide via rail, air and sea.

To address global emission concerns, standards have been developed by governing bodies in Europe and the US. These standards have become more stringent over time.

Hyster diesel engine emissionsWhilst the majority of the Asia Pacific region is not currently bound by any of these stringent standards, Hyster continues to take the global concerns about emissions seriously.

Hyster provides emissions information on all its products as it firmly believes its customers will opt for the lowest emission output engines available when purchasing.

In fact Hyster is an industry leader on emissions output, with all diesel engines adhering to the most stringent emissions standards based on the final destination of the materials handling unit.

An example of meeting these standards is the latest Hyster 2.5XT diesel forklift when powered by the new 2.4L Kubota DOC engine, conforms to the highest Tier 4 US standards which are the most stringent standards at the time of publishing.

When comparing Tier 4 of the US standards to the European standards, the highest standard adhered to in Australia is currently Euro 5, with Euro 6 the next stage which has only been recently developed. The Hyster 2.5XT and 2.4L Kubota engine setup adhere to the current Euro 5 standard and are also future proof as they already adhere to the emission standards set out in the upcoming Euro 6 standards.

The data table above and the example of the new Hyster 2.5XT diesel forklift reinforce Hyster’s continued commitment to providing the most environmentally friendly materials handling units. This provides our customers the peace of mind that they are meeting their corporate social responsibilities and are future-proofing themselves at every stage of their supply chains.

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