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How much does a lift truck costSelecting the right lift truck for your warehouse operations is a job in itself. There are many different types of lift trucks to choose from and on top of that, each truck can be customized beyond belief. To begin selecting, here’s a good place to start: What is your budget?

Pallet Trucks $250-$14, 000

Pallet trucks are the most basic type of lift truck available on the market. There are a wide variety of configurations. They can do everything, from backroom storage, delivery, dock work, and low level order-picking to long distance transport in large facilities. Options like galvanizing and stainless steel are available on many models for extreme environments. Here you will find a very general price range for the different types of pallet trucks that Raymond Handling Concepts Corporation offers.

Hand Pallet Jack: $200-$500

Motorized Hand Pallet Truck: $3, 500-$5, 000

Rider Pallet Truck – 48-inch forks: $10, 000-$14, 000

Rider Pallet Truck – 96-inch forks: $10, 000-$14, 000

Tow Tractor: $9, 000-$15, 000

Walkie Straddle Stacker – $13, 000-$21, 000

Walkie Reach Truck: $16, 000-$23, 000

Each of the dollar amounts listed includes the price of a battery and charger, one of the most costly parts of an electric lift truck’s price.

Electric Counterbalanced Lift Trucks $25, 000-$35, 000

Propane Counterbalanced Lift Truck $20, 000-$30, 000

Counterbalanced trucks usually come to mind first when thinking of a forklift. Two of the most important factors to know before purchasing a counterbalanced lift truck are the maximum weight of the load and the height needed to store loads. This price range includes a battery and charger.

Reach Lift Truck $25, 000-$45, 000

Reach trucks are used for warehouse storage. They are made specifically for load handling with rack interface. When purchasing a reach truck, it’s important to specify the load requirements and load capacity to full elevation. This price range includes a battery and charger.

Orderpicker Lift Truck $25, 000-$40, 000, add $6, 000-$9, 000 with Wire Guidance

Orderpickers are used in warehouse operations for picking cases or single items from racks at elevated heights. There are orderpicker models especially configured for furniture picking, as well. It’s an appropriate lift truck for any operation that deals with many SKUs and a limited quantity of any particular SKU. Before purchasing an orderpicker lift truck, it’s most important to know if your warehouse can be optimized for wire or rail guidance. This is a popular option and an additional cost to the price of the lift truck. Orderpicker lift truck price range includes a battery and charger.

Swing-Reach Lift Truck $90, 000-$115, 000

A Swing-Reach lift truck is a very narrow aisle truck meant for rack interface in full-pallet-in/full-pallet-out operations. They can also be used for order picking cases in high-density storage applications. They can lift heavy loads up to 45 feet high. When deciding on purchasing a swing reach lift truck, it’s important to know the capacity of the load and the elevation the lift truck will be used for. This price range includes a battery and charger.

Sideloader Lift Truck $100, 000-$130, 000

Four-Directional (4D) Lift Truck $50, 000-$75, 000

A Sideloader lift truck and four-directional lift trucks are meant for specific jobs. They’re made to lift very heavy and long items – up to 26 feet long. These trucks are good trucks for bar stock, tubing, laminates, lumber, carpet and similar products. When handling long loads, sideloader and 4D trucks can save significant space by allowing much narrower aisles than conventional counterbalanced trucks. If you handle long loads, we can help you calculate the space savings from using a Sideloader or 4D. This price range includes a battery and charger.

This is just to give a general perspective of how much a lift truck may cost. Prices may be lower or higher, depending on your warehouse needs and options required for your application. Other factors to consider when choosing the right lift truck for your operations include:

  • Type of operation (Industry)
  • Operating conditions
  • Operating Area
  • Housekeeping
  • Duty Cycle of proposed equipment
  • Floor conditions
  • Severity of operation
  • How many drivers/training

For the most accurate price range it’s best to contact us. We will send someone to your operation to survey your site. Once there, he or she will be able to give you a precise quote and get you matched up with the right lift truck to increase productivity at your company.

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