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Private donors are giving million for the museums, and the state has spent about $90 million for construction and exhibits.

The Museum of Mississippi History (on the left) and the Civil Rights Museum (on the right) are set to open in December 2017. Photo from MDAH

A car manufacturer that assembles vehicles in Mississippi is the latest corporate donor to the state's two history museums.

The two museums are being built side-by-side in downtown Jackson. They are scheduled to open in December as part of the state's bicentennial celebration.

The Mississippi Civil Rights Museum will focus on events from 1945 to 1976. It will include a gallery sponsored by Toyota.

Private donors are giving $17 million for the museums, and the state has spent about $90 million for construction and exhibits.

The unit of Japanese-based Toyota Motor Co. has 2, 200 employees at the manufacturing plant it opened in 2011 near the north Mississippi town of Blue Springs. —AP

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