Pallet Jack

Pallet Jack machine

Pallet Jack machine

Pallet jacks are also known as pallet trucks, pallet pumps, pump trucks, and jiggers and are used to lift and move pallets, which are flat transport structures used to support goods and are most often made of wood. Pallet jacks are safer than moving pallets by hand, and are cheaper and more efficient than using larger forklifts. The Types of Pallet Jacks teaches…

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Walk behind Pallet Jacks

Walk behind Pallet Jacks

A pallet jack is the most basic type of forklift. They perform best when used to transport long distances either full or partial pallet loads. Other operations that use pallet jacks and pallet trucks include loading and unloading trucks, low-level order picking. Pallet jacks and pallet trucks are categorized as Class 3 trucks in materials handling. The difference between a…

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Different types of Pallet Jack Harlow Essex

Different types of Pallet Jack Harlow Essex

READY MADE. READY TO GO. AVAILABLE TO LET The perfect all-in-one solution in the South East of England 240, SQ FT* 20, pallet capacity* 11.5m Eaves Height* 60 lorry and trailer spaces* 27 level access loading doors* State of the art facilities* Multi-use complex* Extensive office facilities* Security gatehouse* Excellent road connections* Set within a self-contained site…

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