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Your Guide to Buying a Lift Kit for TrucksWhile it seems like almost anyone and everyone owns a truck or SUV, few people really maximize its potential. After all, trucks were built not just to haul and transport things from one place to another, but also to traverse rough terrain. Off-roading is a fun activity that all truck owners can participate in, provided they have the proper equipment. Not all trucks that roll off the lot are ready to climb steep hills or run through muddy rivers, and one accessory any off-roader needs on his or her truck is a lift kit.

This document will serve as a definitive buying guide for people who want to buy a lift kit for their trucks. First, the definition of lift kit will be discussed, followed by a list of reasons why people install such devices on their vehicles. When shopping for lift kits, buyers should know the different types of lift kits. Finally, buyers should consider a few things that may affect their truck and how they drive, and buyers should carefully consider these before installing a lift kit on their trucks.

Definition of a Lift Kit

Many truck and SUV manufacturers today market their products as rough-and-tumble vehicles, sometimes even going as far as showing their trucks splashing through muddy mountain roads and running through streams and rivers in magazine and TV advertisements. The truth is that many of these trucks being sold to consumers aren't really ready for such conditions. Shiny new trucks that buyers take from the showroom often come with a standard suspension system.

The suspension system is the collection of shock absorbers, springs, and other related parts that connect the wheels to the rest of the car. The suspension system is responsible for keeping the vehicle relatively stable while maneuvering on the road (particularly with turning) and isolating the driver and passengers from bumps and vibrations on the road. Standard suspension systems, even on trucks and SUVs, are often more suited to city or highway driving.

That's where lift kits come in. A lift kit is an aftermarket product that allows truck owners to raise the suspension of their vehicles. With a higher clearance, truck owners can do other modifications to their trucks that allow them to take on rough road conditions. One popular modification is to add larger off-roading wheels. Lift kits are usually installed by professionals, but truck owners with the right experience and tools can definitely perform this modification themselves.

Reasons to Install Lift Kits on Trucks

Many people install lift kits on their trucks and do so for a variety of reasons. However, there are perhaps three main reasons why owners lift their truck's suspension, namely, to increase clearance, raise the profile, and to install larger wheels.

Increase Clearance

Adding a lift kit to a truck will raise the suspension a few more inches from the road. Many people want to raise their truck's ground clearance to reduce potential damage from debris on the road, allow the truck to cross flooded streets safely without flooding the engine, and be able to ascend steep hills.

Raise the Truck's Profile

Another reason why people may want to install a lift kit is to add some style to their vehicles. Raising their car's suspension will add a few inches to the overall height of the truck, allowing it to tower over other vehicles (even similar trucks).

Allow for Larger Wheels

Perhaps one of the most popular reasons to install a lift kit on a truck is to be able to add larger off-road wheels. These wheels aren't just for show (although some do look pretty cool), they are tougher, last longer, and allow trucks to go off-road and drive through mud, snow, rocks and other rough terrain without any problems.

Types of Lift Kits

There are three basic types of lift kits for trucks available today. These are the body lift kits, leveling kits, and suspension lift kits. Each has its own particular way of lifting the truck's body or suspension, as well as some distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Body Lift Kits

Body lift kits are the most inexpensive option for those looking to give their trucks more height. These kits often use blocks or spacers to elevate the body away from the frame. This means that the frame stays in the same position and does not raise the truck's clearance. This option is great for people who just want some height, and maybe add larger tires to their trucks. After adding a body lift kit, drivers won't feel a noticeable difference with the handling. This also means that there's no need to make any adjustments on the other suspension parts either. However, merely adding a body lift kit doesn't make the truck off-road ready and it can still sustain damage from any large debris on the road.

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