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What is Hyster?

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Research and development in the materials handling industry has led to hydrogen powered forklifts becoming a reality. There is now a strong trend with purchasers moving away from the traditional LPG, diesel and battery electric units to the more environmentally friendly and cost effective hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

This blog will explore the many advantages and few disadvantages of hydrogen power forklifts.

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This week’s blog is part two in our series looking at proper tyne care and maintenance. Following on from our previous blog providing an introduction into tyne care and maintenance, this blog will look at how a proper tyne inspection should be carried out. The post will provide detail on seven critical elements of a pair of tynes that need inspection.

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blades should be straight if they deviate they should be replacedDue to the high volume of large loads tynes are repeatedly used to carry, proper maintenance and care is crucial.

This blog is the first in a series looking at tyne care will provide ten examples of misuse and what to avoid so tynes are not damaged in the course of normal operations.

Further blogs will also look in-depth at tyne care and when and how to conduct a proper tyne inspection.


2016 has seen the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) amend the ‘Safety of Life at Sea Convention’ (SOLAS), making it compulsory that all loaded containers have a verified weight.forklift tyne care To assist container handlers in complying with the new SOLAS conventions Adaptalift Group Company Speedshield Technologies is able to install integrated weighing systems into the industry leading Forktrack safety and telemetry system.

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All forklift owners can carry out some simple self-maintenance in between major services that are carried out by a qualified forklift service technician.


Following on from our previous blog highlighting the launch of Adaptalift Rapid Parts new printed catalogue

This week’s blog takes a look at some of the key features and functions of the programs online portal that can be used in conjunction with the catalogue.

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laden container handler Adaptalift Hyster prides itself on its ability to meet the most challenging customer materials handling requirements. This blog will look at some recent specialist solutions Adaptalift Hyster has been able to provide for customers. This blog post will provide a quick guide to the different oil and liquid consumables available for self-maintenance. Adaptalift Rapid Parts are pleased to introduce our 1st Edition Parts Catalogue, showcasing a comprehensive range of fast moving forklift parts & accessories.

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